Stefania Accardo VML

Stefania Accardo

Stefania Accardo is a psychologist researcher with global experience in marketing, influenced by both behavioral neuroscience and digital big data. Throughout the years, she has worked, lived, and traveled around the world, inheriting a curiosity for global trends and international marketing, while developing also a strategic cultural creativity. By using real-time data, cross platform analytics, and intuition, Stefania designs digital algorithms and measurement plans while providing strategic thinking and, ultimately, applying behavioral science to “the art of business”. In other words, data and marketing research turn into big ideas and actionable opportunities. Her Fortune 500 client portfolio includes PepsiCo, Nestle, Microsoft, J&J, Colgate Palmolive, Universal Studios, General Cigars, Weight Watchers, Bacardi, Enterprise, Visa, Kellogg’s, and Mazda.


Crisis Management, When a Good Reputation is More Valuable than Money

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