Digital Experience Goes Mobile

Today’s markets are driven more and more by adoption of mobile applications, and companies are discovering that their customers want to do business with them through apps found in mobile devices. In fact, customer experiences, which can pave the way towards a brand’s success or failure, are influenced by what a company and its competitors do in the apps economy. Because of this, it’s critical that companies listen to customer feedback across all physical and digital channels if they want to launch high quality mobile applications that customers love and that also beat the competition.

In this session, attendees will learn how to leverage a mobile sentiment analysis approach needed to thrive in the modern digital economy by using the right mix of software testing tools that provide insight into what customers say, think, and feel about a brand’s app. A mobile sentiment analysis approach will enable brands to mine customer feedback for insights that can be incorporated into important business decisions, including understanding what customers value in their digital experiences, know how your own brand compares with competitors, and staying connected with your customers’ needs every day. The more effectively brands listen to, interpret, react to, and monitor their customer mobile sentiment, the more successful they will be in today?s modern digital economy.

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